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Franginany House

The 19th century ancient house with the collection of historic items brings back in time of very gracious era in the History of Vietnam…

The largest ancient house in Moon Garden Homestay with 70 square meters. The house likes a model for traditional Vietnamese house where the guest can discover the Vietnamese architecture and culture. The house has one living room and two private bed rooms in two sides of the living room. The living room is divided into three compartments, the most important part is the center compartments where put the altar. Now it is setup Buddha altar with many statues: Bodhisattva, Maitreya… this is also the place to do the Buddha worship in the late afternoon. The roof of the house is imbricated roofing tiles that can harmonize the temperature: warm in winter and cool in summer. Almost the items in the house are made by wood: table, couches, mahogany, distich…