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Pomelo House

A Traditional House on terrace facing the rice field and lake with a large living room (46 square meter) and two private rooms (32 square meters each) with three bathrooms.

Double or twin or triple can be set up in each private room and in living room with maximum 07 (seven) adults and 01 (one) child.

Each house is a collection of traditional furniture and décor items: ancient wooden table and couches, mahogany, distich, lanterns, lacquers, wooden lotus vases and statues, circle shape windows presenting for Yin and Yang and with the following room amenities:

-          Coffee table

-          Two ways air conditioner

-          Satellite TV

-          Minibar

-          Safety box

-          Wardrobe with traditional clothes

-          Private bathrooms with standing shower

-          2 bottles of water, tea and coffee for complementary.