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6 must enjoy dishes when visiting Hanoi

Hanoi is a thousand years of civilization capital with a glorious history, not only is known for landscapes but for the culinary with many delicious dishes that be loved by many diners. If you have a chance to visit Hanoi even once you should enjoy 6 dishes below.

Pho - Hanoi cuisine




Perhaps the mention of the famous dishes in Hanoi, we can not forget Pho, because from past to present this is the typical dish of the Hanoian. There are many kinds of Pho including beef Pho (the best at Lo Duc Street), Chicken Pho (the best at Quan Thanh and Ton Duc Thang Street), sautéed Pho (the best at Bat Dan Street), or rolled Pho (the best at West lake)… Each type has its own distinctive flavor but all are very tasty and attractive. If visiting Hanoi without enjoying Pho shall be deemed as has never been to Hanoi.


Bun cha - Hanoi delicacy


bun cha


Bun cha is considered as a familiar dish of Hanoian and was listed of the top 10 best street foods of the world. Bun cha imbues with traditional taste, with its own unique flavor, not be doped with any other dish. Enjoying a pieces of Cha that was soaked into dipping sauce, served with green papaya, carrot salad and some kind of herbs, very simple but this dishes was received many praises from diners. Not only attracting local people that foreign visitors also be fascinated by this dish when visit Hanoi.


Bun Thang


bun thang


Bun Thang is a very wonderful dish of Hanoi. The main materials of Bun Thang include shredded chicken breast, julienned “gio lua”, thin fried chicken eggs, and Bun (noodle). Perhaps the appeal of Bun Thang is the combination of the pink color of “gio lua”, gold-white of chicken, yellow of fried eggs, and the green of herbs.


Cha Ca La Vong (La Vong Grilled Fish).



Cha Ca La Vong is a longstanding dish made from hemibagrus. Nowadays, hemibagrus is rare so it is often made by snakehead. Fish must eat when it is hot to keep the delicious flavor. It is served with Vietnamese toasted pancake, noodles, herbs, and roasted peanuts. Cha Ca La Vong is tastier when served with shrimp sauce, but if can not eat shrimp sauce you also can replace by fish sauce.


Banh Cuon (stuffed pancake ) Thanh Tri


banh cuon


Banh Cuon Thanh Tri is a simple, familiar, not fussy but subtle dish of Hanoian. Banh Cuon Thanh Tri is coated adroitly into a thin layer by rice flour water with chopped pork black fungus. Banh Cuon Thanh Tri is served with dipping sauce, cinnamon Cha (Pork-pie), and herbs. This is a dish that suitable for all ages and genders also very good for health.


Banh Com  (young rice cake ) at Vong village


banh com


Fresh green color of the Com with balmy fragrance made the attraction of Com cake at Vong village. Banh Com is a quintessential gift from rice. It has been used in wedding ceremony of Vietnam. Banh Com is made from young rice to keep the fragrance and mashed green bean. Diner can find the light sweet and soft from the cake, especially the fragrance of the cake is lingered so long in the mouth.  

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