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Ho Chi Minh temple at Ba Vi Mountain

Ba Vi Mountain is located Ba Vi district, Hanoi. The Mountain has 3 peaks: King peak with 1296 meter height, Tan Vien peak with 1227 meter height, and Ngoc Hoa peak with 1131 meter height. The Ho Chi Minh temple is located in the highest peak of Ba Vi mountain: King peak.

To come to Ho Chi Minh temple, tourists have to go by bus from the foot of Ba Vi Mountain with the way of 12 km, before climbing more than 1320 steps to the top of mountain. Come here tourists will feel like getting lost in the realm of the sacred, because they have to pass through the primary forest with the old trees and mist unfurl despite of still having the sunlight.


Ho Chi Minh


Ho Chi Minh sacred temple situated at 1,296 meters altitude. Before went away, Uncle Ho have a desire to put his ash at three places, one of them is Ba Vi Mountain. Therefore, in 1999, the Ho Chi Minh temple was built to worship him.

The temple has the traditional architecture style with 8 sides of roof by dragon scale tile. The main part of the temple is an open air without door. On the pedestal has the Ho Chi Minh statue molded by copper, above of the statue is the horizontal board with the quote “Không có gì quý hơn độc lập tự do” means “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”. Behind the statue is the Vietnam ensign made by red granite. 2 sides of the status are the copper bells. There is a stone stele in front of the temple carved a paragraph of Ho Chi Minh’s funeral oration; in the other side of the stone stele is Ho Chi Minh’s testament. At the gable wall of the temple is the symbol of copper drum with the Vietnam’s map and a famous saying of Ho Chi Minh.

From the yard of the temple, tourist can see the Ba Vi district with the villages loom under the thick fog. The scene is as a beautiful picture that was painted by Mother Nature.


Ho Chi Minh temple


From inaugurating, the temple welcomes many guests both Vietnamese and foreigner, the come to the temple to show their respect to Ho Chi Minh and also to hear the stories about him.

The temple is protected by Ba Vi forest ranger. They always guard for the peace of the temple under any kind of weather.

Standing on the top of the mountain, under the wind and cloud and see the grave of Ho Chi Minh temple is a different experience. 

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