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5 tips for photography lovers

Traveling is the time to relax, also the time to discover the new things at the destination that we visit, but with somebody travel is the time for taking beautiful images. Nowadays, photography tours are become more and more popular. This article is some tips for a successful photography tour.

save - beautiful - moment


1.      Researching before the trips


Different from a normal tour, the photography tour is not only care about the accommodation or restaurant, the most important thing is where to have beautiful images. The preparation via online research is the smartest way. You just need to spend one or few hours searching on the travel blogs or forums for the best spots to take picture and you can save much time for finding them while you are joining the tour. Beside guide book also can give you some useful information. During the trip, the local people also are the information source that you can use. But the key is your eyes. Try your best to find the beautiful moment; I am sure that you can find the hidden gems that no one else can find.


2.      Wear a suitable dress


Suitable - cloth - for - photography - tour


Your “hidden gem” can appear every where, sometime is in the view of a luxury hotel or restaurant, the view of a lake, but some time is the sunrise on the top of a mountain, the animals in the forest. It is the reason why you should care of the cloth that you wear for a photography tour. The sun can not wait for you to change the cloth. Therefore the motto is “always willing”. You also should be sure that your bag is enough space for necessary things, like passport, wallet, iPhone, boarding passes, currency because your hands need to be free your camera.


3.      Technical tips for lenses




Lenses play an important role on your pictures. Which lenses will go along with you during the trip is a normal question.  If you need to shoot a wide shot, 24mm is about as wide as anyone would want to be – more than that and the image begins to be distorted. At 105mm, generally you are still close enough to communicate with your subject or compress space a bit. You should invest in glass. The life of a lens is going to far outlast the life of a camera these days, and the sharpness and contrast of good lenses can really make a difference in the quality of your images.


4.      Remember that you are on the tour, do not just  take care for your camera


talking - with - local - people


Travelling is the time to discover the new things, the beautiful nature and local culture. If you just care about the camera and the shoots, you may lose something interesting.

Therefore, sometime you should give the time for yourself to talk with local people, listen the stories and discover the culture. Actually, to show out the beauty of culture is much more difficult than show out the beauty of the tangible objects. If you want to have a beautiful picture about the culture of local people, first of all your soul have to feel the beauty, and you have no way else, except talking and making friends with local people.


          5.      You should negotiate with the people that you want to take the photo


It is important to know the one that you would like to take the photo. You should ask people to take their picture with a smile on your lips, and just take it when they agree. Because there are many unforeseen about the local culture that you may not know. If you can introduce yourself with a promise of sending them the picture is the best idea.

    Photography tour is not only give you the experience, but also help you to preserve the memorable moment of the tour, and bring the beautiful things that you     have  been seen to your friends, your family and even all the people in the world. 



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