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Travel tips for accommodation security

The security of the accommodation normally is the last thing that you think about when planning the trip. But it is very important, and a part of an enjoyable trip. Will you feel that your trip is good if your values things are stolen? The accommodation are the place that you spend many time to stay, moreover, you put your entire luggage there. It is the reason why you should spend more time for research about accommodation’s security before booking them.

Preparing before the trip


serching about accommodation


Before booking accommodation, you must plan your trip. This is the first step decide your safety trip. You should research security situation for the destination that you will be visiting about the political stability, conflict issues, terrorism … to confirm that it is a safety destination. Secondly, you should find the reviews of other guests to know about looting, pickpocket (if there is) to prevent these bad situations. If having chance to come to the accommodationbefore booking them, please don’t  just look at the rate and amenities, pay attention to the location of the accommodation as well. You should find the one at center where safer when walking at night, near by the police office… if you can not come there, so try your best to find the information about that.
You also can call for the hotel to ask them about their security measures. If their staff stay 24 hours at the front desk, have security guards, safety box and camera in the public areas, it seem to be safer than other ones.  One thing that you should remember to bring is your cellphone, and it would be better if you have a spare phone and pin. Make the copies of your passport and credit cards is a wisely act, because it would be a big trouble if you lose your passport or credit, especially when you travel abroad. Do not forget to buy the insurance for your value things just in case of losing them.


While you are checking in


double check the door


It would be better if you stay in higher floor, therefore you should ask the staff for arranging another room if they arranged the room at ground floor for you. But do not choose the room too high, that you can not escape if having fire. From 3th to 6th floor is the best choice. One more thing that you should remember is asking the phone number of the reception and the emergency number in case of the unexpected situations. After receiving the room, you should remember to check the locks of all doors, and also find the escape ways for unexpected situations.


During Your Stay


Keep your door locked at all times, and if you go out, put all valued things at the safety box, because the housekeeper will clean your room at that time. Double check the window and door before sleeping is not an excessive act. If you're traveling with a laptop, you should bring a security cable to lock it to a piece of furniture or put int on a suite case with the lock. Keep your bag in front while going out, especially at the crowded area to avoid pickpocket.

If the bad situation occurs, do not only claim to the hotel staff, you should tell them to lead you to the police office to have the report from them. The insurance company will need the copy from the police for the compensation.


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