Tet holiday - the traditional beauty of Vietnam
Post date : 05-08-2015
Tet holiday or Vietnam traditional new year has a very deep meaning. It is the most important holiday in Vietnamese culture that is held on the first days of the year in Lunar calendar.
Post date : 04-08-2015
Mong Phu communal house is a national relic in Duong Lam ancient village, Son Tay district, Hanoi, Vietnam. Together with Mia pagoda, Mong Phu communal house is a highlight of architecture and culture at this pure countryside.
Post date : 04-08-2015
Culinary arts is one of the pride of Vietnamese culture with thousands of dishes imbued with national identity from the north to the south. Vietnamese cuisine is known more and more by almost countries around the world. August 2012 in Faridabad, India, Asia's record Organization officially recognized 12 dishes of Vietnam meet the criteria of "Cuisine Asian Values".
Post date : 03-08-2015
Having a happy family with lovely kids is a dream of many people. Traveling with kids is not a hassle as we imagine, conversely, it can be the memorable trip because you can share the beautiful moment with the ones you love. The key that you need to know to have smooth trips with your kids is the balance between the rest time and activities.
Post date : 30-07-2015
Vietnam has many conditions for developing ecotourism. Vietnam has enough terrain kinds from sea, coastal, lowland, midland and mountainous with the tropical monsoon climate, also the inhabited by many ethnic communities with thousands years of national construction.
Lifestyle of Hanoian
Post date : 28-07-2015
Lifestyle of Hanoian is a culture beauty and reflected in every word of each person. Hanoi is a city with a long history, also the capital, the center of economy, politics, culture of Vietnam. Therefore Hanoian always have an awareness of elegant lifestyle worthy of the role and its position. The lifestyle of Hanoian or also called Trang An was referred in many poems
Travel tips to avoid culture shock in Vietnam
Post date : 24-07-2015
Culture shock is th problem of many traveler, especially when they travel abroad. Each country has a different culture, before the trip the traveler can find apart but can not know carefully. Vietnam is not exception. To have a nice trip in Vietnam, and avoid the not good situation, the guest should research some information about Vietnamese culture before the trip.
Cycling tour - discover in a different way
Post date : 22-07-2015
Currently, cycling tour is preferred because of its benefits. Tourists are not only can free to explore by themselves, but can improve their health. Nowadays, in Vietnam, cycling tour can be found in every where for both domestic and foreign tourist. Cycling tour often choose the route attach to Vietnamese culture where tourist can explore not only the beauty of nature but the lifestyle of local people. This kind of tour gives tourist the chance to know more about Vietnamese culture, and give them the memorable impression about an authentic Vietnam.
Communal house - a beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture
Post date : 21-07-2015
From past to present, the communal house is a familiar image to each Vietnamese people, where takes place every community activities, witnesses the changes in the social life of the villages through the centuries. Many communal house now being a beautiful place for domestic and foreign tourist visit and research as Mong Phu communal house at Duong Lam ancient village.
True way to enjoy Pho
Post date : 20-07-2015
Pho is not only a delicious dish, but a part of Vietnamese culture. someone once said, Pho is the combination of the softness of meat, the limber of rice noodle, the spice of chili, pepper, the fragrance of spring onion and herbs, the sweetness of the broth, all of them make a “gentle mellow” delicious that never find in any dish else. Coming to Hanoi without eating a bowl of Hanoi Pho is considered as not come. Pho becomes a memorable experience to many foreign tourists when they visit Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular.