Hanoi street food
Post date : 28-10-2015
There is a truth in Hanoi: if you want to enjoy delicious and unique foods, you must find small lanes and enjoy street foods. It is very different with the food in luxury restaurant, you may have a good quality food but you can not find a right taste of the local dishes. If you want to discover the food in a right taste, enjoy Hanoi street food, and of cause you do not have to pay too much for them.
winter travel
Post date : 22-10-2015
Winter travel and holiday travel usually are the stressful occasions. Because there are many objective problem s from weather lead to long wait and unexpected challenges when you have a flight for you trip. You also easy to get trouble with the rain, traffic jams or traffic accident when you have the road travel in winter or holiday. But, no worry, you can avoid them, you will know how when you read the travel tips underneath.
Post date : 13-10-2015
Vietnam is a country with tropical monsoon climate. In autumn, Vietnam is dominated by the storms and tropical depressions. Therefore, the beaches are secluded in this season, but this is the beautiful season of many other destinations. Underneath are some ideal destinations for autumn in Vietnam.
Post date : 06-10-2015
Talk about Vietnam, people will think of the wars in the 20th century, place of suffering and struggle. In fact, it is the history and has gone for long. Of course, it is a part of Vietnam but a part of past. Vietnam has transformed itself to have a brand-new appearance, put on a beautiful outfit called "peace". War only exists in the story for you to understand more about Vietnamese people. Nowadays, Vietnam is open “her hands” to welcome all friends in the world with its pride of peace and safety. Underneath are some reasons for you to finish your hesitancy and come to visit this “charming lady”.
Stilt house - the achievement of human creativity
Post date : 29-09-2015
After 4000 years of building and defending the country, Vietnamese people was built many massive architectural works, palaces but many of them were destroyed in the wars or by the harshness of nature. But the folk architectural works are different; they have a strong vitality, and handed down from generation to generation. Stilt house is one of these types of architecture.
Where to visit on Mid Autumn festival
Post date : 21-09-2015
Mid autumn festival is coming, Event living in a busy city, but people in Hanoi always spend time to enjoy the mid autumn festival. There are many destination to visit on Mid autumn festival in Hanoi, but underneath are the most popular ones.
Traditional house of Vietnam - Not only a house
Post date : 17-09-2015
The house of Vietnamese people is not only the place to live but shows Vietnamese culture and conception. The house is the essence was distilled through time, becomes the most comfortable place for each family member. Even far away from home, they always aspire to come back.
Mid autumn festival - a part of childhood
Post date : 15-09-2015
Mid autumn festival is one of the most interesting holidays in the year for children. Over time, all the children were growing up, but childhood memories will never fade. Each occasion of Mid autumn festival, watching the traditional toys are sold everywhere to remind everyone of a memorable childhood.
Travel tips for accommodation security
Post date : 09-09-2015
The security of the accommodation normally is the last thing that you think about when planning the trip. But it is very important, and a part of an enjoyable trip. Will you feel that your trip is good if your values things are stolen? The accommodation are the place that you spend many time to stay, moreover, you put your entire luggage there. It is the reason why you should spend more time for research about accommodation’s security before booking them.
Son Tay citadel - the history of thousands of years of culture
Post date : 08-09-2015
45 Km from center of Hanoi to the west, Son Tay citadel is belong to territory of two ancient village Thuan Nghe and Mai trai, Son Tay district. Son Tay citadel was built under Nguyen dynasty by Minh Mang king in 1822, 19 century. This is the only one citadel has a special architecture: the wall was built by laterite, four gates were built by ancient brick. Son Tay citadel were a important military base to protect Thang Long capital (Hanoi now).